Our Mission

With a maximum enrollment of 64 total students at the camp at any time (average of 16 students per classroom), we are an intimate program with lots of one-on-one attention. Students are trained in all the best areas of theatre: Acting, Music, Singing, Dance, Theatre Potpourri, TV/Film Acting, and discovering what it's like in the Biz. They also take to the stage in a show and enjoy other activities. We believe in creating the most individually challenging experience for each camper and finding their personal goals and aspirations in order for them to grow as an actor and a performer in an ever-competitive world.

CGST is not only a place where everyone can practice theatre and feel loved and supported, but the training you get there molds you into a better artist in every way. The opportunities are endless and it’s really a gift that just keeps giving
— Alumnus, 2014
I AM SO GRATEFUL to you all for the magical experience our daughter had this summer. It has changed her. She seems happier, more optimistic and seems to have lots more courage.
— Parent of a camper, 2014

What We've Achieved

  • Hundreds of alumni at hundreds of different universities, colleges and conservatories across the world

  • Countless successful students moving onto working in New York City, Los Angeles, London, and other amazing theatre-oriented careers

  • Providing a safe space where anyone can gain the support and love they need to try new things and discover who they are as a person and as an artist

  • Developing and carefully selecting the best possible staff to train, teach and direct students to harness their talent

  • Giving campers 8-18 the skills they need for the world that awaits them and preparing them for all the adventures, surprises and lessons they will encounter and learn

  • Teaching everyone involved in CGST, past or present, that doing what you love for a career, while it may be difficult, is certainly possible