“CGST offers a well-rounded experience to challenge and encourage artistic and personal growth” 


CGST is committed to spreading the peace and love of our community to those who seek it. We want every child yearning for the chance to shine on stage to receive the training and the appropriate environment they deserve. With your help, we can help raise awareness of this aspiration and bring more and more kids to CGST to receive the guidance, training, love and support that everyone wants and deserves. Not only that, but with the right helping hands we can train the future generation of oscar winners and broadway stars by training our youth and fine-tuning their craft into something they can make a career out of and comfortably enjoy doing what they love for the rest of their lives.


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Your donation allows us to connect people and create opportunities for aspiring actors around the world. With our scholarship fund, we are able to give more and more kids the opportunity to do what they love and chase their dreams.


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Do you want to spend your summer teaching, coaching, directing, and inspiring the next generation of artists?Do you want to be part of the cause and help us make our CGST summer the best yet?  Check out our careers page and see if you might be the perfect fit!


Tell your friends and family about our camp. There's no better way to give kids the opportunity to perform in a safe environment than to let them know it exists. Share our posters and join our presence at @TheatreCamp on Instagram and Twitter.

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