Donation Matching

As part of our annual Fundraising Campaign, we are enlisting the help of CGST Donors to participate in a Matching Gift Challenge!

    Matching Gift donors will be able to pledge a set donation amount to give once our fundraising has met the challenge goal. For example, smaller gifts accumulating in a $500 challenge could be DOUBLED to $1000 with the addition of a Matching Gift Pledge of $500. Matching Gifts are a great way to double the efforts and generosity of our community donors. Even those who can only give a dollar will be able to see their giving go much further than before! 

Starting in April, we will launch our Scholarship Fundraiser, aimed at a total of $15,000 for scholarships, at You will receive updates regarding our fundraising progress towards your Matching Gift Challenge via the Indiegogo website and email notifications.

Even if you are unable to support our campaign financially you can also become a sponsor by Spreading the Word. If you know any community leaders, businesses or individuals you think would be interested in supporting our efforts, please REACH OUT! Your support, love and encouragement are some of the greatest gifts we can ask for!

To join our Matching Gift Challenge, please fill out the form below

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