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"On July sixth, I arrived at a place that would change my life forever. The Columbia Gorge School of Theatre provided classes in jazz, ballet, tap, choreography, Meisner, Linklater, singing, and music theory. But, more importantly, now I can use my new skills to make the theatre I love not just a dream, but a part of my everyday life.... Now as the summer comes to an end, so quickly, but with so many experiences, I look back on the memories I'll have for the rest of my life. I know that there's really no one particular thing I learned or one person that taught me, but that from this amazing group of different individuals I have learned how to live." 

Marico - Age 17 - San Diego, California

"As I met the students and staff on the first day, I didn't even dream that we would become such a close family, or that I could learn so much from every one of them..... Columbia Gorge School of Theatre has taught me so much more than acting, singing, and dancing. I have learned to acknowledge my feelings, and to love everyone, including myself. These aren't things that can be taught by any teacher, it takes a caring, understanding, and loving friend. These are some of the more important lessons I have learned here, and I can keep them with my memories for the rest of my life." 

Siobhan - Age 16 - Portland, Oregon

"The Columbia Gorge School of Theatre is an ultimate learning experience. Beyond the unbelievable theatre techniques, you learn about yourself and life. The family atmosphere at CGST lets you incorporate what you learn without feeling self-conscious."

Brent - Age 18 - Seattle, Washington

"The CGST staff and students have taught me to act, dance, and sing, but they have done something for me that no teacher could ever teach. To create an emotionally safe environment and be one big happy family. We treat each other with so much respect and love." 

Karisa - Age 12 - Beaverton, Oregon

"I learned a lot about musical theatre, and about myself. The Linklater class, which is a relaxation technique to find our true voices, really helped me ease my tension and clear my head. I learned how to give wonderful massages and how to enjoy them! . . . The staff taught me a lot about life, and about loving and accepting yourself. From all of the love and support given at CGST, I truly believe that many people care and are ready to listen and help me solve my problems. Spending my two weeks in that wonderful environment was the best two weeks of my life! Whenever I am faced with a problem, about my acting career or my life in general, I will look back to my sensational second family, the Columbia Gorge School of Theatre!" 

Erin - Age 14 - San Francisco, California

"In three weeks I am leaving for Seattle to visit my best friend ever, and I met her at CGST. CGST was the most amazing place I've ever been. I can't imagine a place where I feel more free to be like myself. CGST taught me that sometimes you have to kick off your shoes, sing at the top of your lungs and just dance. No one can tell you that, but it's a truth that you just come to know when you are there. Everyone is so supportive of who you are, and they help you try to find who you want to be. I can remember walking arm in arm with my friend at night when the stars were above and thinking... this is where I belong." 

Rachel - Age 14 - Taos, New Mexico

"Each and every one of us has a place that we escape to once in a while, when we're feeling down, overwhelmed, or just plain scared. For me, it's at CGST. The one and only time that I went there was the absolute best two weeks of my life. I didn't know anyone, and I was afraid that I'd be left out, or feel out of place. But from day one until the day I left, and even once I returned home, I felt endless love and acceptance. CGST is love, and love is CGST. " 

Megan - Age 15 - New York, New York

"I learned a lot about theatre at the Columbia Gorge School of Theatre. Even though I've acted for several years, I must have doubled what I knew about theatre at that camp. One thing new to me was dance technique. Before the camp, I had never danced, and rarely sang, onstage. However... I learned enough to at least make it through a musical audition."

Kelly - Age 17 - Hood River, Oregon

"CGST is the camp/school of a lifetime. For taking up a career in acting, singing and/or dancing, CGST is the ideal place. I have learned more about everything than I could have ever wanted to in six weeks, more than I could have in a year of school. The loving family environment helps the learning process and gives a very comfortable sense. I loved it more than anything."

Nate - Age 17 - Los Angeles, California

"Being a part of this theater camp has been the most valuable experience I have ever had. When I came here, I was really shy and was very scared and nervous. Since being here, I have come so far in being less nervous. I am finally coming out of my shell. As we approach our final days here, I look back on this summer and I realize that I have learned and grown so much through this experience, more than I could ever explain to you.... The love I have for these people is so completely real and indescribable. The bonds we've made will not be broken when we say our 'good-byes.' We'll always be a family. This summer has been so special to all of us. We'll never forget it. And when we're all grown up, and have our own lives, we can each think about this, and smile."

Julene - Age 14 - Seattle, Washington

"There is so much to say about CGST! My friend told me that she was going, and I signed up, but then she decided not to go! I registered for a seven-week session. Most people thought I was crazy, including (for about 15 seconds) myself. I went because I love theatre, but when I got there, my favorite thing about CGST was not the incredible amount of theatre I delved into, but the amazing people with whom I delved! Not a day goes by when I don't think about CGST, miss my hundreds of friends, and eagerly anticipate Summer of 2003! It was quite easily the most rewarding experience of my life! I grew up so much in so many ways. If you're reading these quotes and debating whether or not to come to CGST, stop hesitating! Sign up for as long a session as your parents will let you! See you all in June!" 

Amy - Age 15 - Miami, Florida

"CGST is a haven for theatre lovers-- a separate world that coexists within our own, chaotic lives. It helped me discover who I am and what I want; and made me realize that I deserve love and happiness in life. Whenever I feel low, I think back to my incredible days at CGST and feel all warm and fuzzy. Now I know that wherever I am and whatever I do, I will always have a place that will accept me - a place where I am safe. And that's an amazing sensation." 

Julianne - Age 16 - Los Angeles, California

"My time spent at CGST has been some of the best time of my life! I had so much fun, and made many new friends whom I will never forget, created so many memories, plus learned a lot about theatre from people who are supportive and caring and passionate about their work. If Dorothy did ever make it over the rainbow, I know she would land at CGST!" 

Megan - Age 14 - Tacoma, Washington

"I'd like to thank CGST for making this my all time favorite summer ever. I'm not as insecure about myself, and way less self conscious than when I came on my first day. The classes inspired me so much, and now I realized I can express myself in other places besides CGST. I am so excited for school to start and show everybody the Jennifer who doesn't hide behind a mask. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! If it wasn't for you guys, (and girls) I wouldn't be so confident."

Jennifer - Age 15 - Bellingham, Washington

"The CGST staff and students have taught me to act, dance, and sing, but they have done something for me that no teacher could ever teach. To create an emotionally safe environment so we could all be one big happy family. We treat each other with so much respect and love. . . . CGST is the most loving, caring, supportive, fun place I've ever been, and that I have every intention of making it my summer home-away-from-home every year. " 

Karisa - Age 14 - Detroit, Michigan

"CGST was the most amazing place for me this summer. It is like my second home. I made many new friendships while there for just the 2 weeks I was there. The counselors, the students, and the staff were the most loving, kind, and loyal people I had ever met. The day camp ended, as I tried to hold back tears, I promised myself that I would come back the next summer...and many more summers also."

Michael - Age 12 - Boise, Idaho

"Well, I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful time at camp. I find it a real wonder how you shape and enhance kids' lives time and time again. I wish you the best of luck in the future. "

Lorraine - Age 17 - Bend, Oregon

"I cannot express how much gratitude I have for the people who created this camp. It made everyone who was present for those two amazing weeks infinitely loyal and loving to eachother. It was the warmest atmosphere that I have ever been in, and certainly the most supportive. You could run around screaming or you could be crying your eyes out, and no matter what, people still loved you. I don't know if it was the passion for theater, or just for life itself, but CGST could easily be considered the best two weeks of my life."

Emily - Age 14 - Mountain View, California

"I not for one minute ever wanted to leave CGST but the day did come and even though I cried I knew they were tears of joy due to the greatest days I had spent at CGST. I carried all of my learning experiences with me and at camp I realized for the first time how great life could be. I had improved as an actor, a singer, a dancer, and I had grown into the person I had always wanted to be. I thank the force that guided my hand to circle CGST and that drove me to scribble my signature on the registration form. Without CGST this summer I would have lost sight of the dream that I had been chasing since childhood, to be an actor."

Leigh - Age 15 - White Salmon, Washington

"CGST not only helped me in discovering the actress in me, but the real person as well. The memories are countless, I only hope to make more. When you don't know anyone, three thousand miles seems like more than just the opposite end of the country. After one week at the camp, I felt right at home. In fact, I didn't want to leave! I hope that last summer, will not be my last time at CGST. . ." 

Abby - Age 17 - Boston, Massachusetts

"It's no wonder that the people who come to this camp come back time and time again. Looking at the staff, with 9, 10, 11, even 12 years of CGST under their belts, I completely understand the draw to this amazing place. Every moment at CGST has been like a dream and I hope that, after I've moved on from being a camper, I can come back to help continue to make this place even greater for the next generation and for another 20 amazing years.

Daniel - Age 16 - Lake Oswego, Oregon


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